Pink Slip Checks

With all necessary accreditations, we have the expertise to get your car qualified to be back on the road sooner. Whether you’ve purchased a new vehicle or you’ve simply haven’t the had time for a registration (pink slip) check, we have the solutions for you.

General & Major Services

Whether you need a general service to keep your log book in check or you need an overhaul of your car’s current performance, Northside Autohaus has the expertise and resources at the ready.


Transmission Service and Repairs

Whether you drive an automatic or a manual transmission car, it’s vital to keep your car’s transmission running smoothly. Regular services for automatic and manual transmissions ensure maximum performance, economy and service life for your vehicle, which could save you big bucks in the long run.


Fuel Injection and Turbo Specialist

Northside Autohaus has the technical capacity and expertise to service all makes of fuel injection equipment. If your car does a lot of stop-and-start city driving, we recommend performing a fuel injection service every 10,000 km. Watch your fuel costs decrease and feel the difference in performance after the fuel injection service.


Air Conditioning System Repairs and Re-gas

At Northside Autohaus, we offer car air conditioning servicing and re-gassing. We have special experience with air conditioning repairs and servicing for all Audi and Volkswagen models. Getting your air conditioning system serviced regularly will help avoid costly breakdowns and helps with fuel efficiency.


Sydney’s Number One Audi and Volkswagen specialist

Keeping your vehicle safe and reliable is a priority. We provide a full range of services on your brakes from brake pad replacement to ABS Sensor replacement.

Vehicle Tune and Computer Diagnosis

If you’re noticing that your engine is running rough, poor fuel economy, the check engine list comes on while driving or remains on, stalling, or poor starting, these are all symptoms of an emissions or sensor problem that should be analysed. At Northside Autohaus, we are fully qualified to do a vehicle tune up and management diagnosis and repair, regardless of the vehicle make or model.


Gearbox and Clutch Replacement

No clutch or gearbox will last forever. ‘Riding the clutch’, as well as heavy use, wear and tear all contributes to the deterioration of a clutch or gearbox. At Northside Autohaus, we diagnose, repair and replace issues quickly for gearbox and clutches.


Suspension and Brakes

Your brakes are hailed as your vehicle’s most important safety feature, but like all other areas of your car, they are subject to their share of wear and tear. Poorly maintained brakes can affect your vehicle’s stopping power in an emergency and increase wear on your tyres. Northside Autohaus can repair and replace worn components of your brakes and suspension, covering pads, discs and drums and more on all Audi and Volkswagen models.


Pre-purchase Vehicle Inspections

Don’t take risks when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle. Trust in our Northside Autohaus team of experts to assess your potential new vehicle with a thorough pre-purchase vehicle inspection.